Meck Haulers

Preferred Compost & Mulch Delivery Service Providers

Mecklenburg County does not endorse any of the vendors listed here over other vendors, listed or not.  The vendors listed here are familiar with our mulch and compost products and have pledged to perform work in a customer friendly manner.  You are free to use one of these vendors or any vendor of your choice to haul materials to your home or business.

  • Donaldson Transport & Hauling

    Donaldson Transport & Hauling logo

    Phone: (803) 280-0668

    Email: [email protected]

    Facebook: Donaldson Transport & Hauling

    • Can haul up to 15 cubic yard
    • Will to deliver in Mecklenburg County & surrounding areas
    • Spreading of the materials available for upcharge
    • Will deliver M – Sat, up to 6 pm.
  • D3 Landscaping & Hauling Services

    MeckHauler - D3 Landscaping and Junk Removal logo

    Phone: 704-712-0452

    Email: [email protected]

    • Can haul up to 14 cu.yds.
    • Available to deliver in S.Charlotte & beyond area
    • Other areas may be available w/surcharge
    • Spreading also available w/surcharge
  • Walker Home Improvement

    MeckHauler - Walker Home Improvement logo

    Phone: (704) 501-6258

    Email: [email protected]

    • Can haul up to 20 cu. Yds.
    • Delivery available in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas
    • Willing to spread (w/surcharge)
    • Delivery available Monday – Saturday. Preorder required for Sunday deliveries.
  • Off-Duty Hauling & Removal

    MeckHauler - Off Duty Hauling and Removal

    Phone: 704-506-5538

    Email: [email protected]


    Facebook: Off Duty Hauling & Removal 

    • Can haul up to 15 cu/yds.
    • Spreading available w/surcharge
    • Hauling services available 6 days a week. Available after 4 PM
    • Negotiable delivery area. Call for details
  • 24K Hauling

    MeckHauler - 24K Hauling Logo

    Phone: (704) 916-9379

    Email: [email protected]

    • Can haul up to 15 cu. Yds.
    • Bonded, certified, and commercially insured
    • Delivery available anywhere in Mecklenburg County & surrounding areas
    • Willing to spread (w/surcharge)

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