Welcome to Mecklenburg County's School and Park Waste & Recycling Portal

This page is intended for internal partners of Mecklenburg County. These partners include CPCC, CMS, ABC Board, Park and Recreation and MEDIC.

THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR RESIDENTIAL REPORTING. If you need residential information click here.

Mecklenburg County does not collect your residential trash or recycling.

Are you Looking for City of Charlotte residential Trash/Recycling Information?

If Mecklenburg County Solid Waste is responsible for the institutional trash and recycling collection from your school or park location, use this portal to report dumpster issues, such as missed pickups and needed repair services.

Report an Institutional Issue for a School or Park

Missed Institutional Collection Request

Use this form for:

  • Missed Institutional Pickup
  • Container Relocation
  • Broken Institutional Dumpster

New/Additional Dumpster Request

Use this form for:

  • New Institutional Service
  • Temporary Service at a Park or School
  • Special Events such as construction