Report Littering or Illegal Dumping

Disposing of trash and recycling in an unauthorized area, such as an open field, or the streets is illegal dumping, also known as littering. If someone illegally dumps on your property, you are now the responsible party. Secure your property by blocking or gating roads. Call 911 and report the activity, or contact the municipality where the violation occurred using the information below.

Litter prevention starts by raising everyone's awareness of North Carolina’s litter laws that improperly disposing trash of any kind can be illegal. Not only is it unsightly, litter costs millions of dollars to clean up and can have a negative impact on tourism and how people perceive the state while they travel through it.

Do you want to report a litterbug? Contact us at [email protected]  or contact  NCDOT SWAT-A-LITTERBUG directly and complete their online form.

Please provide the following information:

  • License Tag Number

  • Date

  • Time

  • Location

  • Brief description of what type littering occurred (cigarette butt, fast food wrappers, construction materials, etc.)

Once reported, a letter is generated to the vehicle owner from the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation explaining why litter is illegal (creates a safety issue; is extremely unsightly and is very expensive to get rid of).

Get involved with Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful and together we can Wipe Out Waste!