NON-Mecklenburg County Residential Access

Out-of-County Sticker & Fee Information

If you live outside of Mecklenburg County, you may purchase an Annual Sticker to display on your vehicle to receive the same services as a Mecklenburg County resident at our Full Service Recycling and Disposal Sites. Out-of- County Stickers are for residential use only, and may be purchased at the Fee Booth at the site. The Out of County Sticker gives residents from outside of Mecklenburg County the same disposal privileges as a Mecklenburg County resident.  This does not mean all disposal is free.  See a listing of our residential fees.

If you choose NOT to purchase the sticker, you must pay for each entry to dispose of any item (including recycling).  

Separating recyclables at the Full Service Center is mandatory.

Out-of-County Sticker Example

Fees for County Residents and Out of County Residents


For questions or concerns, feel free to email Solid Waste.