Purchase Compost and Mulch

Mecklenburg County Solid Waste and Recycling processes leaves, brush, grass, (aka yard waste) to create high-quality mulch and compost products. You can purchase our mulch and compost at the full service drop off recycling centers for your plant beds, flower gardens and lawns.

Please note: Mecklenburg County does not deliver mulch or compost.

Telephone: 311 or 980-314-3867


For pictures, pricing, and more information on yard waste products, visit: https://meckmulchmadness.com


For Preferred Compost & Mulch Delivery Service Providers, visit:

Mecklenburg County will be making brush mulch free to all customers at all of our locations beginning September 1, 2023.

Brush and Hardwood Mulch

Wood mulch is comprised of wood that is ground in large commercial grinders. 

  • Brush mulch generally contains a mix of hard and soft woods and can contain limbs and leaves.

  • Hardwood mulch generally is comprised of just tree trunks, and does not contain any leaves.

Various different shades available for purchase.


Compost is an organic soil amendment that looks and feels like soil. Mecklenburg County produces compost that we have “branded” as Queen City Compost ™ from leaves, ground up trees and organic yard waste. Both loose bulk and bagged compost are available for purchase.

Preferred Compost & Mulch Delivery Service Providers

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